By Brittany Singh

You’ve found the right outfit, you have the perfect shoes, and your hair is staying just the way you want it to… Now all that’s left is your makeup. Evening makeup can be fun because it allows for you to embody a lot more drama than your au natural everyday look does. You can play with shimmers, sultry eyes, and bold lips. But sometimes, mishaps can happen. With these tips and tricks, you can learn how to get your makeup to stay in place all night long, avoid flash back, and a few extra things!

  1. SPF—SPF is the main culprit of ruining your pictures with flashback, so avoid using products with SPF in the evening. Since it’s nighttime, you don’t have to worry about protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. While SPF is super important, save it for the daytime!
  2. Baking—Baking is a little tricky because it helps your under-eye area look bright (which I love for a night time look), but it can sometimes cause flashback or a white cast. The trick for this is to take a clean brush (any brush will work; I’ve used everything from a blending brush to a powder brush) and just light brush away any left over powder that may still be there. I usually do this step toward the end of my make-up application. You can even use a little bit of face powder that matches your skin tone on the brush to really ensure that there won’t be a white cast from the setting powder.
  3. Highlight —We all know the usual highlight areas—the top of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and the cupid’s bow—but you can also add highlight to the center of your legs, your shoulders, and collarbone area. I love doing this when I’m wearing something that reveals these areas; the light catches these areas as you walk, and the flash of a camera picks up the shimmer really well. My favorite type of highlight for this is a loose glitter, such as Inkglot’s Sparkling Dust Face, Eyes, Body. For my tan girls, I suggest a shimmer on the gold side while for my fairer girls, I suggest something a little more pink or silver.
  4. Eyelashes—Too add a bit more drama at night, I like to apply false lashes. The problem with false lashes is that throughout the night, they can sometimes get loose on the corners. When applying the false lashes, make sure the glue gets tacky first before applying. It will take about a minute or two to get tacky, so apply the glue, set the lashes down, and then move on to another step in the mean time! Also, carry lash glue with you if you do choose to wear false lashes. This way, you can always touch up if the lashes become loose.
  5. Setting Spray—Setting spray is a must whenever you’re doing your makeup, but the trick for making your makeup stay all night long is to use a beauty blender to light pat down the spray into your skin after applying it. By patting the spray in, it will lock in all your hard work!

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