I Can See Right Through You


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Fashion trends come and go over time and often end up repeating themselves in different forms and adapted styles. Pieces that are popular now are reminiscent of the hippy movement of the ’60s, as well as the bold colors of the ’80s. History has a way of repeating itself within fashion trends.

So which trend is back on the scene this season? Mesh and fishnets. 

This fabric is versatile and can be combined with shirts, pants, and everything in between. Take a look at a few ways you can rock this style.

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Mesh paneling is very popular among a variety of clothing. There are shirts and sweatshirts with mesh along the sides and leggings with mesh calves. It can be used in small ways that make your outfit cuter without having to make a drastic change.

williams 2Fishnets are often used in the classic form of tights. Wearing them under a skirt or a dress spices up your outfit and adds a bit of edginess with just one easy step. It’s also currently in-style to wear fishnets unconventionally under ripped jeans. It looks best when the fishnets peek through the rips and above the waist.

williams 3

My personal favorite is wearing fully mesh or fishnet shirts. It’s simple yet risqué and allows for you to show a little skin while still keeping it classy. These shirts can be paired with a bralette or a cute sports bra. It can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what look you’re going for. It can be a casual look or something you wear going out with your friends–that’s the benefit of the versatility!

Written By Kristen Williams

Edited By Rachel Morales


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