New Look at No Cost? Yes Please!


By Bridgid Wojciechowski

Jeans have forever been a basic staple in any closet, but like anything else, even the basic skinny can become tired. Distressing has always been a way to bring a little edge to the classic jean, but this season we’re seeing designers and stylists becoming much more ambitious than we’ve seen in a while. Here’s the breakdown:

Out: A few holes up the front, Acid Wash

In: The “butt slit,” Patches and embroidery, Knee slits, The unfinished hem

Leading the way in these new trends are brands like GRLFRND, rag & bone, and Hudson, who have all recently released game-changing new denim. That said, if you’re not quite willing to drop between $200 to $300 on a pair of jeans just yet (as most of us college girls are not), you don’t have to be left out of the loop. Grab any old pair of basic jeans, whether they’re skinny, straight, or boyfriend, and a sharp pair of scissors, and you have a new pair of jeans at zero cost- not to mention you’ll be turning heads left and right.

jeans2             jeans3

Unless you consider yourself a pro at sewing, adding embroidery or patching is a more difficult DIY to take on, but most major fashion retail centers or seamstress shops would undoubtedly be happy to amp up your jeans at a relatively low cost. A few of the most popular embroidery choices include roses, snakes, and tigers, as used by Gucci, but another adorable, slightly subtler, option is phrase stitching on heel hems, back pockets, belt loops or the mid-thigh. Revolve also just started an amazing new customization program on their website for GRLFRND Denim. Definitely worth a look.

jeans4              jeans5

Now, there’s no doubt that the classic, solid-wash, skinny is a necessity in any closet, for any season, but a little bit of change can do everyone some good. A little extra spunk never hurt anybody, right?!


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